Madonna confirms new collaboration with Avicii for next album

13 Mars 2014, 10:17am

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Today, the Queen of pop confirms new collaboration with Avicii for next album, on Instagram! What do you think?!


Udpate - New picture from Madonna on Instagram...


"The End of a long week with Viking Leader AKA DJ Virgo AKA Avicii! 

So many great songs! #icantwait #revolution"



"My Viking Harem! Great Music Great Vibes! We were grinding on that. Wood! #rebelheart"


Madonna says... 

"Doing some house work before heading to the studio with Avicci!#artforfreedom #clean"



Avicii on Twitter...


In 2012, Avicii achieved a remix of Girl Gone Wild. Madonna was present at the Ultra Music Festival with Avicci in Miami.